Beijing aims to prevent gender discrimination in job market

2019-06-28 08:14

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The Beijing municipal government has stated that employers cannot set birth-related preconditions to recruit women, in an attempt to offer fair opportunities for women seeking jobs.

The Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued a notice on regulating recruitment activities and promoting women's employment on Thursday.

According to the notice, employers cannot ask female job seekers about their marriage and childbearing situations, limit their births for recruitment, or add a pregnancy test to the physical examination for getting jobs.

The notice noted that the recruitment of female laborers should be highlighted in an effort to achieve gender equality in the job market, and employers cannot restrict or reject women because of their gender.

Authorities will set up an inspection system focusing on gender equality to strengthen supervision and law enforcement at job fairs, and establish an inquiry system that allows authorities to identify and admonish offenders.

State-owned enterprises and other public institutions should take the lead to fight against gender discrimination, the notice said.

Judicial assistance will be provided to women who suffer gender discrimination in the process of looking for a job.

Such efforts by the Beijing government have been hailed by many netizens, with some saying this is a big stride in further preventing discrimination against women in the job market.

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