Beijing's sub-center eyes cleaner, greener environment

2019-06-12 09:29

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A total of 360 villages in Beijing's Tongzhou district, where the city's new sub-center is located, have launched a cleanup and renovation project to improve the environment.

The project, which is expected to complete by the end of the year, includes tearing down illegal buildings and structures, building more green spaces, cleaning up ponds and rivers, installing more street lamps, and adding more entertainment infrastructures in the rural area.

It also aims to create a more ecological landscape in the city's sub-center through planning and fine management.

Shaojiuxiang village, located 7 kilometers away from the sub-center's government office area, used to have as many as 140 illegal buildings and structures covering an area of over 5,000 square meters.

After 40 days of cleanup work, all the illegal structures have been torn down, and the village is expected to see more green spaces and sports fields, said Zhang Zhiguo, the village's Party secretary.

So far, almost one-third of the 360 villages in Tongzhou district have reached their goals in the project after tearing down around 520,000 square meters of illegal structures.

In the future, the rural and urban areas in the sub-center is planning to form a larger ecological landscape composed of parks, forests, lakes and rivers, as well as wetlands.

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