Over 60 percent of Xinfadi Market’s imported fruits come from Asian countries

2019-05-16 16:50 千龙网

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Now a total of 103 kinds of fruits from Asia’s 18 countries and regions are available at Xinfadi Market, like the mangosteen, durian, longan from Thailand, the rambutan and pitaya from Vietnam and Pakistan’s mango and Israel’s pomegranate.

According to Xinfadi’s statistics, the imported fruits from Asia stood at 736,000 tons in total in 2018, amounting for over 60 percent of the market’s total imported fruits, as its total volume of imported fruits exceeded 1.14 million tons.

Xinfadi Market’s General Manager Zhang Yuelin said, with the rising sales amount of imported agricultural products in Beijing, Xinfadi supports its commercial tenants to develop agricultural products bases overseas to lower operating costs.

So far, such agricultural products bases have been built in eight Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.


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