BOCWOG releases 15 short videos to introduce Winter Olympic sports

2019-05-08 09:51 Xinhua

打印 放大 缩小

Beijing Organizing Committee of Winter Olympic Games (BOCWOG) released Tuesday 15 short introductory videos about Winter Olympic sports.

These videos tell fans about events like speed skating, figure skating, Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, bobsleigh and luge, including knowledges of event history, venues, equipment, competition rules and highlights.

Yan Cheng, head of Department of Human Resources of BOCWOG, authorized the broadcasting rights to CCTV-5 Sports, Beijing TV Station (BTV) and Hebei Television Station (HEBTV).

These are the first batch of educational videos whose IPR are owned by China.

Yan said BOCWOG is aiming to uphold the Olympic spirit, enlarge the fan population and promote the winter sports in China. Each video is a 4-minute introductory documentary, which is an achievement of experts, organizers and producers.

According to Yan, any individual, agency or organization can use these films free of charge in non-profit causes and activities. The videos are strictly prohibited for commercial purposes.

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