Beijing-London direct air route to be opened

2019-05-07 09:30 Xinhua

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China Southern Airlines (China Southern) is expected to open a Beijing-London direct air route starting from a new airport in Beijing, according to the airline Sunday.

The regular Beijing-London direct flight service will start this September from the Beijing Daxing International Airport with seven round trip flights per week, according to China Southern.

Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing's second major civil airport, will start operation this September. It is built to meet the country's surging air service demand and relieve Beijing Capital International Airport from tight flight pressure.

China Southern has a fleet of 840 aircraft. In 2018, it served 139 million passengers.

This flight season, it provides 167 international routes to 77 destinations.

来源标题:China Southern to open Beijing-London direct air route


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