Beijing’s commercial enterprises reap $478 million income during May Day holiday

2019-05-05 16:28 千龙网

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Totally 3.22 billion yuan (478 million U.S. dollars) of sales revenue were reaped by Beijing’s 60 key retails and catering enterprises monitored by the local commercial department during the four-day May Day holiday.

During the holiday, Beijing’s various business circles were attractive for visitors, nighttime consumption continues warming up, and food & beverage consumption was robust.

In terms of visitors growth, Beijing’s 24 shopping centers, such as the Malls at Oriental Plaza, Livat Center, Xidan Joy-City etc, saw a nearly 40 percent increase of visitor flow.

The visitor flows of three business circles of Wangfujing, Sanlitun and Xidan grew 41.7 percent, 38.5 percent and 36.5 percent respectively.

The nighttime consumption from 18:00 till 6:00 was very dynamic, especially in Wangfujing, Sanlitun and Qingnian Road areas.

The catering consumption got a year-on-year increase of 51.3 percent and the consumption amount per customer was about 100 yuan.

Snacks, beverage and grill food were the most popular ones.


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