Beijing’s Chaoyangmen sees first 5G Service Hall

2019-04-12 14:26 千龙网

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China’s first 5G Service Hall has been established at Chaoyangmen, Beijing, according to Beijing Telecom on Thursday.

The 5G test network has covered the Service Hall where citizens can experience 5G network now.

At this Service Hall, Beijing Telecom’s staff can use professional device to convert 5G mobile signal to WIFI signal. Thus, citizens can use their 4G mobile phones, PAD, laptop etc to experience the high speed network of 5G which is over ten times of that of 4G network.

The staff’s special test device shows that, the multiple users’ FTP download speed’s peak can be up to 450 Mbps, with 200Mbps on average, and the upload speed is stable about 80Mbps.

Beijing Telecom will accelerate the 5G network coverage of its Service Halls in 2019.

Besides Beijing Telecom, another telecommunications operator Beijing Mobile also announced China’s first 5G exhibit route was settled in Beijing on the same day. The 3,500-meter-long 5G exhibit route starts from Beijing Mobile Service Hall at Sanlidun and ends at Meihui Mansion. Its network bandwidth is about 200Mbps.

At the vehicle for 5G exhibit route customized by Beijing Mobile, citizens can experience an array of presentations based on 5G network, including cloud games, 8K high definition live video, 4K cloud VR video as well as 4K video conference.

In terms of 5G mobile phones, OPPO launched on April 10 its first product that has achieved volume production, sales and commercial use.

This mobile phone for Swisscom will come into the market in Switzerland in May and other markets in the next few months.

So far, Huawei has launched its 5G mobile phone ”Mate X” to come into the market in the first half of 2019.

Xiaomi will also push out its 5G mobile phone “MIX 3”.

It is learnt that the price of 5G mobile phone will be relatively higher in a given period.


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