Tongzhou District’s North Ring Loop Tunnel to open to traffic in October

2019-04-11 17:01 千龙网

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Tongzhou District’s North Ring Loop Tunnel is about to complete, and is slated to open to traffic on October 1, 2019.

The North Ring Tunnel will be a main underground artery at the Grand Canal Business District of Beijing’s sub-center.

Upon the completion of the three-floor tunnel, a 19-meter-deep “underground city” will take shape under the North Zone of Grand Canal Business District.

The North Ring Tunnel is divided into three floors: one for motor vehicle lanes, one for equipment and one for pipes.

The floor for motor vehicle is an anticlockwise one-way-traffic tunnel of 1,500-meterlong and about 16-meter wide with a limited height of 2.8 meters.

It has two normal lanes and one emergency lane, taking about five minutes to drive through.

Along the tunnel there are 22 entrances and exits connecting to underground parking lots of neighboring commercial buildings, office buildings and their supporting apartments.

Besides, there are four entrances and exits to connect with municipal administration roads on the ground.

Above the motor vehicle lane, pedestrian passageways are linked with circumjacent office buildings, facilitating the walk among different buildings and save the trouble to cross the road on the ground.

The floor below the motor vehicle lane floor is the equipment story where ventilating device and electrical equipment are installed to support for comprehensive pipe gallery below.

The comprehensive pipe gallery at the third floor underground is 2.8-meterhigh,housing all sort of pipes for water, electricity, telecommunication, cable TV, heating power and pneumatic garbage conveying.


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