Market to turn into cherry blossom park in Yizhuang

2019-04-11 16:15 千龙网

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A park with 350 cherry trees will open in Yizhuang Township of Daxing District of Beijing by the end of August in 2019.

The cherry blossom park will cover an area of 30 acres (20,000 square meters) and the location used to be a building material market.

Rows of cherry trees will be planted on hillsides and the sides of fitness trails at the park to create a sea of cherry blossoms in spring, an official from the township introduced.

A variety of plants and flowers will also be planted to achieve that the park has beautiful flowers for three seasons and charming scenery all year round.

In recent years, Yizhuang Township has adhered to the concept of green development.

For example, a hardware market in the township was transformed into Yizhuang Park covering an area of 55,000 square meters, a logistics park was built into 38,000-square-meter Wutong Park, and many roads were renovated for landscape enhancement.

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