Beijing’s Central Axis to see two parks soon

2019-03-21 14:14 千龙网

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Beijing’s Central Axis is to see two parks soon, with the Ande Urban Forest Park and Yandun Park in the north and south end respectively.

Their constructions have started recently, planned to complete at the end of August in 2019.

Covering 16,000 square meters, the Ande Urban Forest Park lies at the junction of the north Central Axis and the North Second Ring Road.

The Yandun Park, nearly 19,000 square meters, is in the outside of the Second South Ring Road, reaching Yongdingmenwai Street in the east, adjacent to the area along the railway in the north and Gexinli Community in the south.

The Yandun Cultural Relic within the park is the southernmost point of the Central Axis.

The Central Axis of Beijing is 7.8 kilometers long, from the Yongdingmen Gate in the south to the Drum Tower and Bell Tower in the north, crossing the Zhengyangmen Gate, Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Jingshan Hill.

The Central Axis, the most representative and important section of the ancient city, is the core of Beijing’s spatial pattern and it demonstrates the magnificent spatial order of its urban space.


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