World’s largest driftwood animal sculpture debuts at expo park

2019-03-20 16:10 千龙网

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Setting off from Africa, passing through the Philippines, and sailing all the way north, “Molly and her family” settled at the Plant Pavilion of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 in Beijing recently.

The “Molly and her family” is the world’s largest group of driftwood animal sculptures, up to 10 meters high and weighing 10 tons.

After the settlement, it becomes the largest artistic installation at the Plant Pavilion and it is likely to be a star or celebrity at the pavilion.

Standing at the southeast corner of the Plant Pavilion, the artistic installation consists of a little giraffe, a male giraffe, a female giraffe and a metal tree.

It was created for seven months from July, 2018 to January, 2019. In early February, 2019, it was shipped in four large containers from Cebu, the Philippines, went through customs at Tianjin Port, and arrived at the expo park on the early morning of March 1.

Author James Doran Webb arrived at the Plant Pavilion on the same day, and then the group of animal sculptures were installed and finally debuted at the pavilion after three days’ work of Chinese and foreign teams.

“Molly and her family” was made of discarded molave, the national tree of the Philippines, which had been cut down and near extinction in the 20th century.

James, world’s leading dead wood animal installation artist, chose molave to create the sculptures to express that extinct plants are revived by artistic creation, a distinctive way to pass on the environmental protection concept.

By means of art, James calls on the public to protect the future of mankind and cherish forests, plants and the resources of the earth.

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