BCIA serves nearly 2 mln passengers from Feb. 4 to 10

2019-02-12 17:16 千龙网

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Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) served 1.98 million passengers from February 4 to 10 during the Spring Festival travel rush.

BCIA handled 35,400 flights, transporting 5.99 million passengers from January 21 to February 10.

Before the Spring Festival, the first passenger flow peak at BCIA occurred on January 24 with 300,000 trips.

The second one took place on February 2, on which BCIA served 290,000 passengers.

From February 2, the passenger flow began to plunge at BCIA.

However, the passenger flow gradually grew from February 6.

The return passenger flow began to peak from February 7, with the largest peak of over 310,000 trips on February 10.

The return passenger flow peak is expected to last till February 14, during which BCIA will serve about 290,000 passengers per day on average. 


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