Beijing’s gross regional domestic product exceeds 3 trillion yuan in 2018

2019-01-24 15:22 千龙网

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Beijing’s gross regional domestic product hit 3.03 trillion yuan (about 446.8 billion U.S. dollars) in 2018, up 6.6 percent year-on-year based on comparable prices, released by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and National Bureau of Statistics Survey Office in Beijing on January 23, 2019.

In terms of industry, the first industry’s value added hit 11.87 billion yuan, drop 2.3 percent.

The second industry value added reached 564.77 billion yuan, increasing 4.2 percent and the tertiary industry posted 2,455.36 billion yuan value added, an increase of 7.3 percent.

It’s worth noting that Beijing’s new economy made value added 1.01 trillion yuan, up 9.3 percent at current price, which accounts for 33.2 percent of the total.

Among them the high-tech industry and the strategic emerging industry both registered growth.

Beijing’s economy maintained a stable performance on the whole in 2018, said Pang Jiangqian, spokesperson for Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics.

“Beijing’s economy will continue to perform within an appropriate range and keep steady and healthy development momentum in 2019,”said Pang.


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