Beijing’s Chang’an Avenue to see ‘New Shougang Bridge’

2019-01-11 16:51 千龙网

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The bridge across the Yongding River in the western extension project of Beijing’s Chang’an Avenue was officially named “New Shougang Bridge”, according to Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources on January 11, 2019.

The “New Shougang Bridge” will open to traffic within 2019, according to Beijing’s Shijingshan District, where the bridge is located.

By then, the whole western extension of Chang’an Avenue will get through.

The construction of the “New Shougang Bridge” is an important part of the western extension project of Chang’an Avenue.

The cable-stayed bridge is combined by two towers in an inverted U-shape.

It is built in a fully welded steel structure, with a total amount of steel consumption up to 45,000 tons.

The bridge will be a landmark of the Chang’an Avenue’s western extension, which runs for 6.5 kilometers, from Sanshi Road, Mentougou District to Gucheng Street, Shijingshan District.


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