Haidian to release planning of Zhongguancun Science City

2019-01-09 16:27 千龙网

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Zhongguancun Science City’s planning will be released soon, according to the Fifth Session of the 16th Haidian District People's Congress that opened on January 8, 2019.

Haidian District will refine and implement the planning of Zhongguancun Science City in 2019.

Haidian will strive for the settlement of major innovation platforms and projects in the following fields and cross innovation directions, such as brain-inspired intelligence, quantum information, high-end chip, bioscience, disruptive new materials and space technologies.

Haidian will support universities and institutes resident here to strengthen their first-class disciplines, preponderant disciplines and interdisciplines, and enhance the “footstone” role of Zhongguancun Science City in fundamental research and original innovation fields.

Meanwhile, Haidian will establish an administration committee of Zhongguancun Science City and a market-oriented operation platform to support Zhongguancun Science City’s construction to improve the overall planning capacity of innovation resources and supply capacity of innovation services.


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