Zhongguancun innovation &entrepreneurship contest held

2018-12-06 16:54 千龙网

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The grand final of the 2018 “Zhongguancun•Zhiju” Startup Competition and the fourth Zhongguancun innovation &entrepreneurship contest was held in Beijing on December 5, 2018.

Three projects including Composite Wing Industry Drone got gold medals, “Tangxiaoyi” and other four projects the silver medals, six projects including new type mine “smart cement” the bronze medals. “Dingding Parking” project was granted the most valuable investment medal.

Totally 14 projects entered the grand final stage, which were recommended by universities, scientific research institutions and incubators.

Representatives of those projects made road show one by one, replied to judges’ questions and competed for gold, silver and bronze medals as well as the most valuable investment medal.

Meanwhile, representatives from financial institutes, incubators and investors sit on and selected their favorite projects.

The contested projects focus on smart manufacturing, cultural & creative industry, new material and new energy, information technology and modern service industries, which are highly conformed to Beijing’s industries direction of its economic structure of high-grade, precision and advanced industries.

Some of the projects like Composite Wing Industry Drone have high innovation level and market competitiveness in frontiers of science and technology.

The “Zhongguancun•Zhiju” startup competition organized by Zhongguancun sub-district has been held for four times since it was launched in 2015.


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