Beijing to green 1,276 hectares of vacated area in 2019

2018-12-06 15:55 千龙网

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Beijing will continue carrying out the “adding virescence” task of 1,276 hectares in 2019 by using the land turned from the implementation of city’s special campaign of removing non-capital functions and improving urban management, said Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau.

The 1,276hectares “adding virescence” task involves the city’s 16 districts and Beijing Investment Group Co.,Ltd.

Among them 776 hectares have been listed into the new round of millions of mu affforestation project and the remaining 500 hectares will be advanced as independent projects.

In aspects of distribution areas, Dongcheng district and Xicheng district each has one hectare; while, Chaoyang district, Changping district, Tongzhou district and Daxing district, the four districts have bigger areas, getting 192 hectares, 150 hectares, 129 hectares and 110 hectares respectively.

The city will strive for completing over 60 percent of the “adding virescence” task by the end of May 2019.

By Beijing’s implementing of the “adding virescence” project, some 20,000 mu land vacated has turned into pleasant green land so far.


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