Yanqing primary, middle schools offer after-school services

2018-11-29 14:10 千龙网

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Currently, after-school services are provided at all 42 primary and middle schools in Yanqing District of Beijing. The services allow students to learn painting, playing chess, martial arts free of charge or finish homework on their own at school, which reduces parents’ burden and offers a good way for students to learn extracurricular knowledge, cultivate interests and enrich after-school life.

At 16:00 on November 20, Xie Yatong, a student from Class Two of Grade Three of the No. 2 Primary School of Yanqing District, together with other classmates, was painting butterflies with a crayon in the classroom. The teacher in charge of the after-school service work was guiding students to paint while maintaining classroom discipline.

“The after-school services not only solve our problem in the time of picking up children, but also enable children to learn what they like at school,” said Xie’s mother Hu Xiuyan. In the past, due to work, Hu had had to ask the elderly grandmother to pick up the child and even considered entrusting the child to outside child care classes. Knowing that the school provided after-school services, Hu didn’t hesitate to apply for the services.

At present, the after-school services are provided for two hours per day from Monday to Friday. The services include organizing labor practices, interest group activities, art or cultural festivals, performances, movie or match watching activities and extracurricular physical exercise activities for students.

In addition, the district’s education commission has established relevant management systems and emergency plans to ensure that every student is taken good care by teachers during the after-school service work.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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