Fintech innovation clusters to emerge in Beijing by 2020

2018-11-28 16:19 千龙网

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Beijing strives to foster five to ten fintech leading enterprises of global renown and fintech innovation clusters with international influence by the end of 2020, according to a planning on fintech development released jointly by the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work and Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission recently.

According to the planning, Beijing will advance the innovation and application of fintech’s underlying technologies, step up cultivating fintech value chain, expand applied scenes of fintech and carry out ten to 15 major demonstration application projects, striving for becoming a national fintech innovation and service center with global influence.

The innovation and application of fintech’s underlying technologies to get key support of Beijing include five aspects: artificial intelligence technology’s application, big data’s application, Internet technologies’ innovation with the representatives of mobile Internet and Internet of Things, the development of distributed technology with the cloud computing and blockchain as representatives as well as the development of security technologies, like cryptology, quantum technology and bioidentification technology.

In terms of space layout, Beijing will build a layout featuring “one zone-one core and multi-spots supporting,” among which one zone-one core refers to Beijing fintech innovation and professional service innovation demonstration zone and core zone (Xicheng district and Haidian district).

The “multi-spots supporting” means to build fintech innovation and industries clusters with distinctive characteristics, which include fintech underlying technologies innovation clusters (Haidian district), bank and insurance technologies industries clusters (Shijingshan district), fintech security industries clusters (Fangshan district) and assets management industries clusters (Tongzhou district).


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