Chang’an Grand Bridge half done

2018-11-26 17:00 千龙网

打印 放大 缩小

The whole construction schedule of the Chang’an Grand Bridge that is to be opened to traffic by the end of 2019 has finished 50 percent so far, Beijing Daily reported on November 26, 2018.

The main bridge of Chang’an Grand Bridge is 639 meters long. The bridge’s main span is 280 meters and its bridge floor can reach up to 54.9 meters at the widest point.

As the widest and most complicated bridge in Beijing so far, the Chang’an Grand Bridge boasts all welded steel structure, and it needs totally 45,000 tons of steels, which surpasses the 43,000 tons steel used by the Bird’s Nest, the National Stadium.

The 1,400-meter-long Chang’an Grand Bridge is an important part of the 6,500-meter-long western extension project of Chang’an Avenue.

The western extension project starts from Gucheng Street, Shijingshan district, ends at Sanshi Road, Mentougou district, and it crosses Fengtai-Shacheng Railway and the Yongding River.


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