124 ‘Beijing Expo 2019 families’ unveiled in Yanqing

2018-11-26 14:39 千龙网

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A total of 124 “International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing (Beijing Expo 2019) families” were unveiled in Yanqing District of Beijing recently, and the number of the families will be more than 200 by the expo in 2019.

The “Beijing Expo 2019 families” are the middle- and high-end rural tourism products on the theme of the expo and horticulture built by Yanqing District to serve the expo and showcase the district’s tourism image.

“My courtyard was jointly built and operated by cooperatives, homestay operators and me. I, the owner of the courtyard, was only responsible for buying a share, while decoration and operation were all done by cooperatives and operators. The occupancy rate of the courtyard has been basically more than 70 percent since its operation on February 28, 2017,” said Chen Huiping, an owner and housekeeper of a “Beijing Expo 2019 family” at Donglongwan Village of Jiuxian Township in Yanqing District. At Donglongwan Village, there are eight such courtyards titled “Beijing Expo 2019 families”.

The “Beijing Expo 2019 families” were selected from hundreds of applicants, which are mainly four-star or above, featured or boutique homestay courtyards in Yanqing District. The district organized experts to guide the applicants and provided subsidies for improving the courtyards’ gardening elements, cultural atmosphere and tourism facilities. After more than half a year of transformation, the applicants have completed the facility improvement of courtyards, and currently 124 applicants have passed the acceptance to be “Beijing Expo 2019 families”.

“Highlighting individuality and characteristics, the 124 “Beijing Expo 2019 families” provide 2,000 beds, with the price ranging from middle to high,” introduced by Zheng Aijuan, deputy director of the tourism committee of Yanqing District, adding that the district will organize special training on business philosophy, reception services and expo knowledge to enhance the families’ overall reception capacity.

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