Beijing’s cultural & creative industry makes over $122.6 billion January-August

2018-11-09 09:47 千龙网

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Beijing’s cultural & creative industry had generated a total revenue of over 850 billion yuan(122.6 billion U.S. dollars ) from January to August in 2018, contributing nearly 40 billion yuan to fiscal taxation, according to the just concluded 2018 Beijing International Finance Expo.

Beijing’s cultural & creative industry has become the capital economy’s important pillar industry and new growth point, according to a head of Beijing Stated-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office.

The cultural & creative industry’s development has made impressive achievements in recent years with increasingindustrial scale, constantly growing strength and continuously enhancing international influence and competitiveness.

Taking the 2017 data for instance, the cultural & creative industry created 390.8 billion yuan, accounting for 14 percent of the local GDP.


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