Alarm system to cover every public bus in Beijing by 2020

2018-11-08 17:00 千龙网

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Beijing Public Transportation Group’s all operating vehicles have been covered by Global Position System and vehicle monitoring system so far. 

A one-key alarm system has been installed in more than 10,000 buses. It is estimated that Beijing’s all public traffic vehicles will be covered by one-key alarm system by 2020.

With the one-key alarm system, in case of emergency when driving, the bus driver can press the one-key alarm button.

And then all related information about the bus including bus position, detailed information and personnel will be displayed on the screen of Emergency Command Center.

At the same time, the vehicle video monitoring system will be turned on simultaneously so that work staff of the command center can coordinate all departments and made visual handling.    

In addition, Beijing Public Transportation Group has also introduced other intelligent security systems like automatic identification system of vehicles’ in and out, to establish a sound public transport safe network in all aspects.


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