Beijing’s Shunyi district to build three financial platforms

2018-11-06 14:43 千龙网

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Beijing’s Shunyi district will build three financial platforms, namely, Houshayu Financial Business District, Mapo Financial City and Airport Financial Leasing Industrial Park, Beijing Daily reported on November 6, 2018.

Houshayu Financial Business District will take the special town of headquarters economy as the foundation and highlight mainly five service functions: exhibition, test &demonstration, clustering& carrying on, animating market and leading & driving.

So far, a total of 45 financial institutions have settled down here, like the headquarters of Beijing Life Insurance company and China National Aviation Fuel Finance Co. Ltd.

Mapo Financial City will speed up introducing headquarters of financial institutions, financial information and data exchange institutions, and leading institutions of the industry.

So far, it has clustered the headquarters of the financial institutions and their functional headquarters, including the headquarters base of China Minsheng Bank, Beijing BankSci-tech r&d Center and China Citic Bank information technology r&d base.

Airport Financial Leasing Industrial Park, based on the 400,000-square meter-buildings of National Geographic Information Industrial Park, will stepping up introducing some business modes related with financial leasing, airport economy directional financial modes and financial professional service institutions.

So far, some quality financial institutions have settled here like Cul &Tech Financial Leasing Co.Ltd, SinoEver Financial Leasing Co.Ltd, Hualian FactoringCo.Ltd, which gradually forms a brand of airport financial leasing industrial park.


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