Beijing makes 2020 aim for general practitioners

2018-11-02 16:57 千龙网

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Every 10,000 urban and rural residents will have not less than three general practitioners by 2020, according to a program released Beijing authorities recently.

It is learnt that as of the end of 2017, there were all together 5,927 general practitioners at 334 community healthcare service centers in Beijing’s 16 districts, with 2.7 community general practitioners per 10,000 residents, and the overall level of the general practitioners was in the forefront nationwide.

Now, there is a gap of some 1,500 general practitioners in Beijing in accordance with the demand of three general practitioners per 10,000 residents in 2020, according to Zheng Jinpu, an official from Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning. Zheng added the general practitioner shortage is more serious in suburbs.

To strengthen the construction of general practitioner team, the program proposes 12 measures, including training 1,000 undergraduates and 800 junior college students majored in clinical medicine in eight to ten years for community healthcare centers and village clinics and training 400 students majored in Traditional Chinese Medicine in five to eight years.

Beijing also encourages non-general clinicians at all level of various medical institutions to receive job-transfer training to turn to general practitioners.

Meanwhile, Beijing also supports country doctors with medical practitioner qualification to take part in the job-transfer training to turn to general practitioners.


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