Beijing tops other Chinese cities in innovation

2018-11-02 15:28 千龙网

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Beijing ranks the first on an innovation city list of China, according to a report released by Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy.

The report establishes a “Chinese city scientific and technological development indicators system” with four dimensions of innovation resources, innovation environment, innovation service and innovation performance as well as 26 specific indicators.

Based on the system, the Top Ten of Chinese innovation city was issued, with Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai taking the first three places followed by Guangzhou, Nanjing and Wuhan etc.

According to the report, Beijing’s strength as the national science and technology center is further highlighted and takes the first place in three dimensions of innovation resources, services and performance with a batch of landmark original achievements yielded.

The report shows innovation service is the core competition of Top Ten cities and also an important guarantee to improve the city’s innovation capacity.

On this indicator, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin take the first three places. While, the talent is regarded as a footstone of city’s innovation development and also an element to be firstly measured for weighing a city’s innovation resources.

Innovation and entrepreneurship both as the new growth points of the Top Ten cities’ economies have a high degree of concordance and have organically integrated with each other.


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