Beijing’s first Artificial Intelligence park makes debut in Haidian

2018-11-01 17:40 千龙网

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Beijing’s Haidian Park becomes the city’s first Artificial Intelligence park after transformation, which made debut today and attracted many citizens to experience the novelty and convenience herebrought by various AI equipment.

On the intelligence footpath of the Haidian Park, an exerciser can record various work-out data by face recognition at the starting point, terminal point and the intermediate point.

After walking for one circle, he or she can make a face recognition again by the digital screen of the intelligence footpath and at the right moment, all of his or her data including sport mileage, duration, average speed and heat consumption can be showcased on the screen.

Three poles for face recognition set up at the starting point, terminal point and the intermediate point save the trouble to wear bracelet or other hardware equipment or take a mobile phone to record sports data, according to Ting Ziyang, a manager of who has taken part in the construction of the intelligence footpath. Citizens can registrate via searching “AI Future Park” in Chinese on WeChat.


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