Beijing promotes 25 colorful autumn scenery sites at parks

2018-10-31 10:14 千龙网

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Beijing recommended 25 sites at parks for citizens to admire colorful autumn scenery as the city has entered the best autumn tour period with an obvious decline in temperature recently.

The 25 sites recommended by Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks mainly include the ones highlighting golden yellow ginkgo leaves like the ginkgo avenue at Temple of Heaven Park and Zhongshan Park, the ginkgo forest at Taoranting Park and Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall at Beijing Botanical Garden, the ones highlighting orange maple leaves like Houxi River at the Summer Palace, the colorful leaf road at Beijing Botanical Garden and the peony garden at Jingshan Park, as well as the ones highlighting red and yellow leaves like the western Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace, the outdoor exhibition area at Beijing Garden Expo Park and the cherry garden at Yuyuantan Park.

It is learned that the municipal park administration center will organize various garden activities on the theme of admiring colorful autumn leaves and flowers at parks so as to ease the pressure at Fragrant Hills Park during the red leaf admiring period from the end of October to mid-November.

Meanwhile, weekly news on autumn scenery will be broadcast and autumn tour guide services will be offered via the Microblogging account of “Changyougongyuan” and parks’ new media accounts.

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