Beijing promotes 15 sites to appreciate colorful leaves

2018-10-11 15:59 千龙网

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Totally 15 sites along the Xishan-Yongding River Cultural Belt are promoted for the public to enjoy colorful leaves according to a guiding of appreciating colorful leaves released by Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau on October 10, 2018, which include Baiwang Mountain Forest Park, Shangfang Mountain National Forest Park, Jiufeng National Forest Park, Beijing Garden Expo Park, Beigong National Forest Park, Badachu Park, Fenghuangling Natural Scenic Area and Shidu Juma Amusement Garden etc.

Beijing has carried out the afforestation project of colored leaf trees since 2002, greening a total area of over 400,000 mu(26,666 hectares).

“Now, Beijing has over 50 kinds of colored leaf trees, 40 of them are along the Xishan-Yongding River Cultural Belt, including smoke trees, ginko, acer truncatum, acer monoes, maple, locust, ansu apricot, ash trees, spindle trees and Mongolian oak etc,” said Zhao Shiwei, chief engineer of Beijing Institute of Landscape Architecture.

The Xishan-Yongding River Cultural Belt is one of the three cultural belts proposed in Beijinggeneral city plan(2016-2035), together with the Grand Canal Cultural Belt and the Great Wall Cultural Belt.

After ten years’ planting of colored leaf trees, Xishan’s colored leaf forest had exceeded 250,000 mu by 2013, forming an ecological landscape of serried woods.


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