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2018-10-11 13:15 千龙网

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The tickets price of International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing China (Expo 2019 Beijing) were released at its 200-day countdown press conference held in Beijing on October 10, 2018.

The tickets are divided into four categories, namely, ticket on ordinary day(120 yuan, about 17.3 U.S. dollars), ticket on designated dates(160 yuan), three times entry ticket(300 yuan) and days-and times-unlimited ticket(500 yuan), said Wang Chuncheng, vice director of Beijing World Horticultural Expo Coordination Bureau.

Among them, the designated dates include the opening day of the Expo 2019 Beijing, May Day holiday, Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Mid-autumn Day holiday and National Day holiday; the other days are the ordinary days.

The three times entry ticket refers to one ticket holder can choose to enter the Expo at any three days except for the designated dates during the whole exhibition period.

The days-and times-unlimited ticket means one ticket holder can enter the Expo without limits of days and times except for the designated dates during the whole exhibition period.

For the ticket selling, it takes the model of “online agency + travel agency +self-operated channel”, which include two online agencies: Aoyou.com and Lvmama.com and eight signed travel agencies for ticket selling; while the self-operated channel comprises the official website, WeChat, APP of Expo 2019 Beijing, key account and on-site window.

The presale for Key Account and inquire for travel agency’s team products have been launched since October 10, 2018 and the ticket selling channel for individual will be launched on the day of 100-day countdown.

“Expo 2019 Beijing is estimated to receive up to 16 million visitors,” said Wang Chuncheng, adding that the ticket booking will be carried out by appointment.

Both online booking and team reservation need to make an appointment about the date of visiting the Expo.

It is worth mentioning that either team visitors or common visitors need not to queue for the ticket and can enter into the Expo by swiping ID cards.

However, people planning to buy the three times entry ticket and days-and times-unlimited ticket, must come to the onsite window to buy tickets by themselves for image information collecting and then they can enter the Expo by face recognition.

Detailed information can be acquired on the Expo’s official website (www.expo2019.cn) or via the hotline (010-86484017).


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