Xihai Wetland Park opens in Beijing

2018-10-08 16:14 千龙网

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After more than five months of construction, Xihai Wetland Park was officially opened to the public at the Shichahai area of Beijing during the National Day holiday in 2018.

As a newly built wetland park in downtown Beijing following the ones at the Summer Palace and Yuyuantan Park, the Xihai Wetland Park adjacent to the Second Ring Road was built around the Xihai Lake. It covers an area of more than 10 hectares, including a water area of 7.4 hectares and a surrounding green area of 3.5 hectares.

In the park, there are three floating islands in the center of the lake, with the largest one built with a man-made bird’s nest where waterfowls inhabit. Dozens of aquatic plants like lotus, water lily, calamus and reed grow in the lake and nearly 700 shrubs like pines, willows, mountain peach trees and cherry-apple trees are planted along the lake.

The park is also equipped with complete facilities such as the riverside footpath paved with bluestones, five sightseeing platforms in the water, 500-meter-long waterfront plank road as well as the Wi-Fi access around the lake.

It is learned that in history, the Shichahai water area was used to be a wetland area in the lower reaches of the ancient Yongding River and the construction of the Xihai Wetland Park aims to restore its wetland landscape and ecological environment.

Currently, Beijing has restored several wetlands in urban areas, such as the Summer Palace and Yuyuantan Park, and the Xihai Wetland Park will become an important part of Beijing’s urban wetland ecosystem.

In the past three years, Beijing has restored and added 4,684 hectares of wetland, and it plans to restore and add more than 6,300 hectares of wetland in the next two years.

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