Beijing Daxing International Airport young constructors' wishes on National Day

2018-10-03 14:44 千龙网

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A drone photo captures a photo of the Beijing Daxing International Airport under construction on October 1, 2018. (Photo by Ju Huanzong/Xinhua)

On the afternoon of October 1, 2018, at the Beijing Daxing International Airport’s construction site, 46 kilometers south of Beijing Tian’anmen Square, the construction work is in full swing: heavy trucks were running in high speed one after another and machines’ roaring sound reverberated through the whole site.

It was another National Day that constructors of the airport have spent on the site.

“This is the third National Day we spent here,” said Beijing Construction Engineering Group(BCEG)’s Cao Changhai, head of general contracting department of the corridor project of Beijing Daxing International Airport, adding that the construction work goes on as usually during the National Day Holiday.

BCEG’s Li Bo and his wife Yao Jinlan both work for the corridor project of Beijing Daxing International Airport returned to the site in a hurry after sparing only one day to hold their wedding ceremony a few days ago at hometown, Baoding city of Hebei province, “We don't want to stay one more day because of the tight schedule of the project.”

The 28-year-old Li Bohas worked in BCEG since 2011 and now takes charge of the northwest corridor project of Daxing Airport. “I have been working here for over 900 days and nights and seen every metamorphosis of the new airport. I am so lucky,” Li said proudly.

The high-profile terminal building project of Daxing Airport has entered comprehensively the stage of refined decoration, mechanical and electrical installation, boarding bridge work and others. Among them the refined decoration work will be finished in April 2019.

The shape of Beijing Daxing International Airport’s terminal buildingis like a phoenix that is opening wings, and the terminal building’s five corridors are like phoenix’s wings. At the construction site of corridor project, Cao said its construction technical difficulty is rather high.

Cao said the average age of Beijing Daxing International Airport’scorridor project team is at 33. By experiencing this “super project”, quite a few young men like Li Bo have stand out and could “play a pivotal role” in the project.

Sun Bo, 29 years old, BCEG’s head of engineering department of corridor project, holding an interphone, was busy at the site.

He just became a father around ten days ago. Even though his home is at Beijing, Sun couldn’t accompany his wife for antenatal care for the busy work. On September 20, his wife was near the time of labour, Sun was given a three-day leave.

For this National Day, Sun still can’t accompany family members. “Engaging on a project like the new airport, it is difficult to balance life and work,” Sun said.

Seen from the roof of the southeast corridor, the terminal building’s phoenix rudiment can be seen. The golden “swings” have taken shape. Workers were putting the glass modules.

In the soon future, “the phoenix with opening swings” will comprehensively appear to the world.

“My biggest wish is the project can be completed with high quality at an early date and let the ‘golden phoenix’ spread its wings and soar high,” said Sun.

While for Li Bo, he wishes to spend a honeymoon with his wife. However, this plan may not be realize in a short time. “I hope to board a plane with her from this airport I take part in constructing next year and make up her a honeymoon,” said Li.

In accord with plan, the completion acceptance of the Beijing Daxing International Airport and its related supporting projects will be conducted on June 30, 2019, and the airport will be put into operation before September 30, 2019.

A worker of Beijing Construction Engineering Group works at the construction site of Beijing Daxing International Airport on October 2, 2018. (Photo by Zu Ge/Xinhua)


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