QR code payment starts in Beijing’s Xijiao Line

2018-09-27 17:02 千龙网

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The “Yitongxing” APP QR code payment service started in Beijing’s Xijiao Line on 26 September, 2018, which offers more convenient and faster service for tourists to appreciate autumn scenery in Fragrant Hill, Beijing Botanical Garden and other scenic spots.

Now, the use ratio of Yikatong card to one-way ticket in Xijiao Line is 8 to 2. The use of one-way ticket could reach 30 percent of the total duringholidays with the increased share of passengers from other cities.

In rush hours, passengers need to take a long queue for buying a ticket, which can be solved by QR code payment, according to a head of Beijing Public Tram Company.

Beijing’s rail transit network (except for Xijiao Line) has carried out the QR code payment service since April 29, 2018.

Zhan Minghui, director of Beijing Metro Control Center, said the equipment commissioning of Xijiao Line is rather complicated as its whole line is on the ground and all gate machines are outdoors.

After months of hard-working, technicians have upgraded the software, solved the problems and made the system successfully dock with that of metro QR code.

So far, Beijing rail transit network’s 22 lines and 370 stations all have applied the QR code payment methods.

Zhan said, the QR code payment method will be promoted to buses and other transportation to facilitate the public’s transportation.

It is learnt that so far the registered users of “Yitongxing” APP has exceeded 7 million, with a highest record of using times of 1.49 million in a day and accumulated swiping times of nearly 120 million.


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