Unique mooncake flavors you can try this Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节吃月饼 这些口味的月饼你尝过吗?

2018-09-25 10:26 chinadaily.com.cn

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Pu'er and chrysanthemums


When it comes to Pu'er and chrysanthemums, the first thing that comes to most Chinese people's minds is tea. However, some mooncake innovators have decided to use these ingredients as a filling for the traditional dessert. "It tastes good by itself, and even better with a cup of tea," commented one netizen on Sina Weibo.


Rose petals


Roses are usually used to express one's love for a romantic partner. Well, around the Mid-Autumn Festival why not express your love with a mooncake made from rose petals? This type of mooncake leaves a lingering flavor in one's mouth.


Jasmine tea


Jasmine has a very light and pleasant scent, so when jasmine tea leaves are used as fillings for a mooncake, the taste is light as well. For people who do not like snacks that are too sweet or greasy, jasmine mooncakes are a very satisfying treat.


Grapefruit and lemons


Citrus fruits such as grapefruit and lemons are common in baking, mainly for adding some fragrance to whatever you are making. When these ingredients are used in mooncakes, chefs must tread carefully when it comes to quantity or else the end product may taste too sour.




The smell of durian is certainly unique, if a bit smelly. If you love durian, you will definitely love this type of mooncake. However, for people who can't handle the strong odor, this mooncake may not be for you. Views on this type of mooncake are so polarized that some even list it among the top five worst mooncakes.




When it comes to making crayfish mooncakes, the quality and freshness of your ingredients are important as seafood can go bad very easily. Netizens in China are very divided on this type of mooncake. While some are more than happy to try some seafood-flavored cakes, others find it too fishy and too much of a departure from tradition.




Mooncakes with sausage as fillings are rapidly becoming very popular in China among meat lovers. These mooncakes tend to be fairly salty. They are usually combined with nut fillings to make them taste better. One netizen said: "As a person who likes sausage, I can't resist this type of mooncake."




Cheesecake lovers are sure to adore this variety of mooncake! Instead of lotus paste, cheesecake mooncakes are filled with cream cheese and often contain a center of fruity jam or preserves for a punch of flavor.




For consumers that are looking for a dessert that offers more than just great tasting flavor, mooncakes made from wine may be perfect for you. This year has seen mooncakes made from red wine and the National Palace Museum in Beijing has even introduced a mooncake made using Moutai, known as the "National Liquor" of China.


Ice cream


Ice cream mooncakes trade traditional fillings of meat or lotus paste for a cool center of ice cream. Popular flavors include cookies and cream and strawberry. There is even a version that features a dollop of lemon sorbet in the middle to resemble traditional egg yolk filling mooncakes.


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