Changying Sports Park to open on Sept. 15

2018-09-13 16:16 千龙网

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Changying Sports Park is set to open on September 15, serving 100,000 surrounding residents as a new place for leisure, fitness and entertainment, according to a press conference on innovation and development of Chaoyang District of Beijing recently.

Covering an area of 136,000 square meters, the park is divided into a sports and fitness area, a leisure and recreation area and an ecological health area. The 22,000-square-meter sports and fitness area has a stadium, a tennis court, a basketball court, a five-a-side football field, table tennis courts and a fitness square, the leisure and recreation area includes the south entrance square and central square, and the ecological health area with various plants creates a forest oxygen bar and a children’s playground for people to keep in good health in forest.

In recent years, Chaoyang District has built many new green spaces like Changying Sports Park. The district has removed non-capital functions in 26.69 million square meters of rural areas and built more than 94 million square meters of greening areas in the past five years. Sunhe, Cuigezhuang, Jinzhan, Heizhuanghu, Shibalidian and other townships are planning or constructing green parks on a large scale to create a livable living environment for residents.

At present, the first batch of the six townships, where Chaoyang District piloted the greening work, have helped 26,000 people get employed, altogether 19,800 people have transferred from farmers to residents, more than 5,800 mu (about 386.67 hectares) of green ecological shelters have been built, seven high-end industry projects have started construction, and more than 12,000 people will move in apartment buildings.

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