Beijing builds 1st no parking neighborhood in Wangfujing

2018-09-12 16:35 千龙网

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A hutong realizes no parking in the Wangfujing area in Beijing, Sept. 11, 2018. [Photo by Ouyang Xiaojuan]

It was learned on September 11, after nearly four months of parking management work, Dongcheng District of Beijing has realized no parking in 15 roads and hutongs in the Wangfujing area and built the Wangfujing area into the first no parking neighborhood in the city.

Next, Dongcheng District will address parking problems in Guozijian, Nanluoguxiang and Dongsi areas so as to realize a full coverage of no parking in all hutongs by 2025.

The latest parking management work was conducted in Wangfujing, Shaojiu and Ganyu communities, covering an area of 1.65 square kilometers and involving 7,040 residents of 2,452 households.

Apart from the seven hutongs in the Wangfujing area which had realized no parking, this April, the district began the work at eight hutongs of Baishu, Ganyu, Xitangzi, Xila, Shaojiu, Beiguanchang, Meizha and Dongdansantiao. Statistics from the preliminary investigation showed that the eight hutongs lacked parking spaces as there were 578 registered vehicles while there were only 398 parking spaces.

In order to solve the problem of parking difficulties and illegal parking in the Wangfujing area, Dongcheng District investigated the usage of 22 nearby commercial parking lots and parking conditions in eight hutongs to provide 630 shared parking spaces for surrounding residents.

Meanwhile, Donghuamen Subdistrict founded a “beautiful hutong self-management committee” composed of community residents, community cadres, hutong chiefs and security officers, formulated a “beautiful hutong convention” and set up a hutong parking self-management WeChat group so as to establish an all-day inspection, persuasion and control mechanism and create a good sharing atmosphere of joint governance and joint construction in hutongs.

Next, a new parking guidance system will be developed to achieve smart parking and smooth micro-circulation and further optimize traffic environment in the Wangfujing area.

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