Beijing’s Miyun to build its first urban forest park

2018-09-10 14:06 千龙网

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The Baihe River Urban Forest Park will start construction this month in Miyun district, Beijing.

Upon its completion, this park will be the first one of its kind in this district and also one of Beijing’s 16 pilots of urban forest park.

The 120-hectare-area Baihe River Urban Forest Park extends northeast to the Baihe River, south to Beijing-Chengde Railway, and west to Ligezhuang Village and cropland.

This park is estimated to plant 34,000 trees, 46,000 shrubs, 3,457 climbers, as well as flowers and ground cover of 765, 000 square meters.

In addition, this park will set up a square and service facilities in the areas closing to residence zone and strengthen service function via optimizing road network and sign system to improve the public’s convenience and comfort.


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