South section of Beijing metro’s Line 8 begins train running trial

2018-09-07 15:20 千龙网

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With the door closing, Beijing metro Line 8’s special dark green train departed slowly from Yinghai yard, went ups and downs and reached the South Third Ring Road of Beijing in about 30 minutes. According to an official of Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation, Beijing metro Line 8’s south section from Zhushikou Station to Yinghai Station, has began train running trial, which is expected to get through by the end of 2018.

The nearly 50 kilometers long Line 8, dubbed as “the Underground CentralAxis”, passes through from the North Fifth Ring Road to the South Fifth Ring Road, starting from Changping district in the north and ending at Daxing district in the south.

Line 8’s Phase I and Phase II (except the Station of National Art Museum of China and the interval) and the linking line of Changping Line and Line 8 have opened to traffic in succession before.

“Another 19 kilometers of Line 8 will open to traffic by the end of 2018, which includes the Station of National Art Museum of China of Phase II, the part to the south of Zhushikou Station of Phase III and Phase IV, ” introduced an official of Beijing MTR.

By then, only Wangfujing North Station, Wangfujing Station, Qianmen Station, and the related intervals of the Line 8 won’t open.

At present, the three stations at Wangfujing area have entered the stage of main body construction and the shielding work is estimated to start in February or March of 2019. The overallline will open to traffic by the end of 2021 according to a tentative plan.


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