‘Online Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security’ goes on pilot run

2018-08-28 17:03 千龙网

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The “Online Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security” a service platform, went on pilot run officially on the afternoon of August 27, 2018. The platform has two versions, one is PC version and the other is mobile phone version, on any of which citizens can conduct about 120 public security affairs online.

On the website of the service platform, there are four first class columns, namely, information release, police affairs openness, online services and police-public interaction.

Under the “online services”, one will see four items: browse, check, application and feedback, and the services cover eight aspects, like, exit and entry, household policies, public security and traffic management.

Take the page of household policies for example, one can search online the required materials, make appointments, and check real-time status of application process.

The platform also provides online payment and EMS courier services and realizes that the online and offline services are conducted on the same standard.

Below each service page, there is a “Guideline” link attached, which consists of process organizations, addresses, case acceptance conditions and charging standards.

“Residents can directly find out the materials required and fill in a form on the Internet, which makes people avoid running back and forth to complement materials and saves the time to fill in forms on site. In addition, workers can also improve their efficiency and assist residents to getting their certificates fast,” said a head of the police corps of population management.

What’s worth mentioning is that the platform provides an “electronic map” service, which pinpoints more than 350 police stations, 425 traffic management institutions (including vehicle administration office, law enforcement stations, vehicle administration stations, vehicle detection yards and accident handling places) and 82 exit-and-entry certificates process sites , and provides route navigation.


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