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Otto, Cameroonian, is interviewed at the Beijing Representative Officeof Afriland First Bank on June 26, 2018. [Photo by Sun Chi/Qianlong]

By Yuan Xiaona

Life is all about choices.

Banassoubeck Innocent Otto, a Cameroonian, was interviewed at his office in Beijing China, telling his story in fluent Chinese on June 26, 2018, what was happening is attributed to his choice made in 1998: studying in China.

Faced the question “Why did you choose to study in China?” Otto answered without thinking, “Because China has so many opportunities.”

From 1999 to 2003, Otto studied for an undergraduate degree at School of International Studies, Renmin University of China(RUC), as a student of the education cooperative project of China and Cameroon.

When recalling the days of studying in China, what comes to Otto’s mind in the first place is the genial care and concern that teachers of International Students Office gave to him.

When starting learning specialized courses, Otto met a lot of difficulties, as his Chinese was not good enough at that time. Fortunately, Otto’s Chinese classmates helped him a lot.

After four years’ study, Otto graduated from RUC. Then, Otto went back to Cameroon to continue his study. After graduation, Otto began working at a bank.

Otto got another opportunity in 2013: he was sent to work at the Beijing Representative Office of Afriland First Bank.

“I was very happy as I can engage in affairs about China and Africa cooperation. At the same time, I also felt the heavy responsibility on my shoulder.” Otto set foot on China, the “Land of Opportunity” again after ten years of graduation from RUC. “Beijing has changed so much during the past ten years. When I first came to Beijing, I felt the Terminal 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport was very ordinary. While, this time, I find that the Terminal 3 is so good. Beijing also has added many beautiful buildings during these years.”

Otto felt that it is much easier for foreigners to invest in China; China is more open and also much more popular.

In Otto’s perspective, the most important reason of China’s opening-up and reform policy’s success is that China chooses a development path which is suited to its national conditions.

Studying in China and working in China, so to speak, Otto is not only a beneficiary but also a participant of China’s opening-up and reform, and China and Africa friendly cooperation.

After five years hard working, Otto was promoted as Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office of Afriland First Bank in 2018.

Otto’s work is to facilitate the cooperation of Chinese and Cameroonian enterprises.

On one hand, for these Chinese enterprises which want to invest in Africa, Otto and his African colleagues have to not only know their investment needs and introduce the situations of African counties where they may make investment, but also accompany their representatives to make field trips in Africa, look for local cooperative partners and provide financial services.

On the other hand, Otto and his Chinese colleague are also responsible for looking for Chinese cooperative partners for African enterprises.

Otto and his Chinese colleague are very busy as the Beijing Representative Office has to cooperate with Afriland First Bank’s branches based in more than ten African countries.

They are busy with providing consultative service for clients, jointly looking for investment opportunities with cooperative partners, and taking field trips in China and Africa.

It is for their efforts that some Chinese and African enterprises have made better development and realized win-win cooperation.

Otto said, “We and our Chinese cooperative partners have made some successful cases in Africa.” That is also why he wants to do more for China and Africa cooperation.

As the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) is to be held in September, Otto said, “I hope the FOCAC Beijing Summit will bring more loans to Afriland First Bank so that we can assist more African middle and small sized enterprises. ”

Otto expects the upcoming FOCAC Beijing Summit will promote African women’s employment and the developments of education and industries.

The common development of China and Africa will bring more opportunities not only for both sides, but also for the world.

Otto is at work. [Photo provided to Qianlong]

Otto is in France. [Photo provided to Qianlong]

Otto is in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. [Photo provided to Qianlong]

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