China’s reform and opening-up deserves study by any nation: Egyptian reporter

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Hazem Samir, a journalist of Egypt’s Al-Gomhuria newspaper, is interviewed in Beijing on July 13, 2018. [Photo/Qianlong]

By Yuan Xiaona

“China’s reform and opening-up is a term deserving any nation’s study,” said Hazem Samir, an Egyptian journalist after having made field trips and communications in China for five months.

Hazem Samir is a senior journalist of Egypt’s Al-Gomhuria newspaper. Last February, he came to China to attend the 2018 communication project of China Africa Press Center, China International Press Communication Center.

Samir, along with 27 journalists from Africa, have visited several provinces and municipalities including Hainan province, Hubei province, Guangdong province and Beijing. Recently, Samir shared with what he saw and how he felt in China.

“I will introduce China’s poverty alleviation experience to Egypt”

“I visited three or four villages that have shaken off poverty. Although I don’t remember their names, I knew how China carried out its unique experiment in poverty alleviation,” said Samir, adding that, “What I admired was the villages’ managers who acted according to circumstances, helped the poor and turned the villages into tourist sites to attract tourists from China and all over the world. Thus, villagers have got more incomes. This idea is unique.”

Samir thinks China’s great achievements in poverty alleviation should be attributed to the decision makers in China’s government. “What I focus on is Chinese government’s management in poverty relief: how to manage people who live in this area, how to ensure their income, how to improve their livelihood,” said Samir.

Samir said, “China’s poverty alleviation experience is very important to me. I would like to convey China’s experience of poverty reduction to my country through my articles, because Egypt also has the same problem and the Egyptian government pays attention to poverty alleviation as well.”

“Is China’s experience used as an example that can help Egypt solve its problem?” To this question, Samir answered, “Egypt is an oldest civilization as China. We have many monuments and sight-seeing spots. We can achieve what the Chinese government has already accomplished for fighting poverty through tourism.

“China’s reform and opening-up policy is a term deserving any nation’s study”

Guangdong province is one the places Samirvisited during the past five months. “Guangdong is a wonderful place,” said Samir. Delicious Guangdong cuisine and charming scenery of southern China both have left a deep impression to Samir.

However, what amazed him is the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

Samir, as a journalist, wrote down many details about this bridge when visiting it. He said that he will write an article about this mega bridge especially that Egypt is now initiating almost the same project in Suez Canal including four tunnels and a giant industrial zone which will play a crucial role in the global economy.

Samir also paid a visit to BYD’s factory in Shenzhen and experienced its electric car.

Samir witnessed China’s great achievements of the past 40 years since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy with his own eyes during the trip to Guangdong. He thought China’s reform and opening-up is a great success and it is worthy of being learned from by any country that wants to develop its economy.

Samir said, “China’s reform and opening-up is a term that deserves studying by any nation which has a desire to follow in China’s footsteps. On one hand, China attracted foreign investment and its economy has made fast development. China has become the second largest economy in the world. This is a unique experiment. On the other hand, China also has provided massive opportunities for all people across the world to benefit from this significant policy. I met many Africans, especially Egyptians, who had succeeded in China, and did not face any difficulties.”

This is Samir’s first time to come to China. “I only heard that China is the world’s second largest economy. I never have seen it with my own eyes. During the past five months, I saw China’s busy traffics, solid infrastructures, and hard-working Chinese, which made me have a comprehensive understanding of China.

“ ‘One Belt and One Road’ will benefit Egypt a lot”

Egypt is the first Arab and African country that has established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. China and Egypt’s friendship has been everlasting over the past 60 years. China and Egypt’s high-level mutual visits are frequent and the two sides’ economic and trade ties have expanded in recent years.

The cooperation between China and Egypt, the two ancient civilizations, has opened a new leaf, which, in Samir’s opinion, has three reasons.

The first reason is that Egypt will put its sight on the China’s development in different fields and strive to reinforce its economy which is now on the right track. The second reason is the long-standing friendly relationship between China and Egypt established in 1950s. The third one is China’s faithful intentions to help Egypt’s ambitious schemes.

Samir said, “Egypt plays a pivotal role in the “One Belt and One Road” initiative through Suez Canal where this massive project will help all countries across the world to enhance their economies as per globalization concept not protectionism. I think the initiative will benefit Egypt a lot, in terms of economic development, employment, people’s livelihood’s improvement and so on.”

Samir said, “I hope that the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) will bring more investment to Egypt and more cooperation between China and Egypt.”

Samir also expected, the FOCAC Beijing Summit will make the China and Africa relationship reach a new height. “I wish leaders of African countries will actively attend the forum and pursue economic growth. At the same time, I hope China will extend hands to help African people and jointly build a community with a shared future for humanity,” said Samir.

Samir expressed his best wishes for the FOCAC Beijing Summit and said he will cover it in September.

(Beijing Union University contributes to video recording and producing.)

Hazem Samir shows the photos and video he has shot in China. [Photo /Qianlong]

Hazem Samir is at a meeting in China. [Photo provided to Qianlong]

Hazem Samir visits the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in China. [Photo provided to Qianlong]

Hazem Samir visits a car manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. [Photo provided to Qianlong]

Hazem Samir visits Beidaihe in North China’s Hebei province. [Photo provided to Qianlong]

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