Beijing employment service month offers 5,000 posts to graduates

2018-08-08 15:35 千龙网

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A job fair is held for college graduates in Beijing. [Photo by Liu Meijun/Qianlong]

The 15th job fair for college graduates, one of the events of 2018 summer employment service month for Beijing graduates, kicked off in Beijing on August 7, 2018.

During the summer employment service month, nearly 5,000 positions have been offered to college graduates, and the 15th job fair provided 233 positions of 40 employers.

The 40 employers included 18 state-owned enterprises and 22 private enterprises, accounting for 45 percent and 55 percent respectively. The majors in need were mainly computer, electronics, marketing, finance, etc. The demand for graduates with a master’s degree or above accounted for 24.7 percent while the demand for undergraduates and below accounted for 75.3 percent.

Besides, during the summer employment service month, 604 local college graduates who are qualified of getting entrepreneurship subsidies will receive customized support and a series of services, such as employment recommendation, policy consultation, resume diagnosis, psychological counseling, professional ability assessment, employment and entrepreneurship guidance and interview skills guidance.

This year, the summer employment service month lasts longer and more job fairs with more positions in new forms are held than in last year. Statistics show that during the month, a total of 320 employers have offered 4,763 positions and 1,500 policy materials have been distributed at the 14 job fairs and the fairs have received more than 1,700 graduates and nearly 1,100 resumes. As many as 709 graduates have reached employment intentions with employers at the fairs.

More information about the schedule of the summer employment service month and job positions can be found on the official website ( of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau or the WeChat account of “Haogongzuo”.

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