Flea market turns into urban library in Shijingshan

2018-08-07 16:32 千龙网

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Jointly built by Shijingshan district’s cultural commission and Langyuan Park, Liangyue Library was officially put into use on July 30, 2018. This modern and fashionable public welfare library aims to bring a colorful culture experience to surrounding residents with an exquisite reading environment and massive cultural resources.

The library settles at Langyuan Park, which was used to be the location of Boguyiyuan antique and handicraft market and Beifang flea market, the biggest flea market in Shijingshan District. In 2017, the flea market, which had been opened for more than 20 years with an area of over 70,000 square meters, was closed by the district as the city removed its non-capital functions and improved urban management.

After the closure, the district decided to upgrade and transform low-end industries and develop cultural and creative industries. Therefore, Langyuan Park, a cultural and creative industrial park, was born to be a cultural content production area focusing on science and technology cultural creation, film and television research and development, culture and art and youth education.

Liangyue Library houses 6,000 books contributed by Shijingshan District Library, which can be borrowed and returned for free through a unified reader card of Beijing public libraries. Meanwhile, the library also supports free downloading e-book resources through “cloud borrowing”.

Divided into a reading experience area, a children’s reading area, a creative handicraft area and an interactive exchange area, the library allows citizens to read, meet with friends, spend time with parents and children, visit exhibitions, listen to concerts and attend salons and lectures there.

In the future, the library will develop into an urban stage and an important landmark with a series of online and offline activities so as to provide more rich, convenient, efficient and comfortable cultural content for residents.

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