Beijing metro technology ‘exported’ to Moscow

2018-08-03 15:49 千龙网

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The third interval of the third station of Moscow’s No. 3 Transfer Circle Line started construction recently, which was designed by Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group.

This is also the first time that a foreign design company has entered Moscow’s metro market.

The breakthrough is attributed to Beijing metro’s constantly progress and innovation in design, construction and equipment in the past 60 years, while, when the Beijing metro was at the preparation stage about 60 years ago, it was Soviet Union’s experts who came to Beijing and gave guidance.

According to the contract of the No. 3 Transfer Circle Line, the Chinese part will have completed the preliminary design and construction of Vernadsky Street Station, Michurin Street Station, Amini Jef Schaye Road Station, and three adjacent intervals by the end of 2019.

The three stations’ decoration designs will feature a full bodied “Chinese style” in the future.

Taking the Michurin Street Station for instance, its decoration will employ many Chinese traditional elements, like the Chinese red for the platform pillar, and auspicious clouds and window lattice pattern for lamps and lanterns.

The No. 3 Transfer Circle Line will be put into use in 2020 according to a plan. This project is not only the first time for Russia to introduce foreign company’s design and construction, but also for China’s technology, management and equipment to go into European metro market as a collective.

With an increasingly denser metro network, Beijing has accumulated a lot in the rail transit’s design, construction and equipment and tried out to expand overseas market by a whole industry chain, like the first light trail of Astana, Kazakhstan and the first light trail under construction in Vietnam's capital Hanoi.


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