Beijing releases reform measures to improve business environment

2018-08-03 10:00

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Beijing recently released an action plan that includes 29 measures aiming to reform and optimize the city's business environment.

The plan includes measures bringing more administrative processes online, making it easier to start businesses, creating a more attractive work environment for talented professionals, and building a better system to monitor the credit of businesses.

The plan aims to facilitate local citizens on administrative transactions through information circulation and sharing among different governmental divisions. For instance, the municipal government will create an online administrative service website and improve its functions. It will release a to-do list for online transactions. By the end of 2018, a total of 1,673 administrative or public service items will be provided through one single website. The government estimated that 3,090 items of administrative services will be provided on the website. The authorities will also integrate hotlines between different divisions into one hotline for all services. Meanwhile, electronic business licenses will be recognized by different divisions, the use of electronic seals will be promoted and the use of electronic invoices will be adopted in more areas.

The plan also aims to further improve the efficiency in business registration. The time to register business in Beijing was reduced from 24 days to five days, while the new measures will further cut the time to three days by the end of the year, and to two days by the end of 2020. More administrative windows for trademark registration and pledge will open to serve enterprises. The procedures for ending a business will also be simplified.

The administrative examination and approval system will be further optimized. According to the plan, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone will carry out a pilot reform of integrating administrative licenses. The government will set up an examination and approval division to consolidate the authorities for this procedure. An online platform will also be launched on the administrative service website to facilitate the whole process of examination and approval.

According to the plan, services for talents in Beijing will be more refined. The municipal government aims to attract more overseas talents through special recruitment, relaxing visa requirements, ramping up efforts on overseas recruitment and promoting the pilot reform of foreigners' entry and exit management. Beijing will also relax the age limit for talents with extraordinary competence, achievements and contributions, as well as support talent recruitment at innovative and start-up teams. The plan includes directives on the arrangement for talents' spouses and children who are minors to be appropriately accommodated, and the talents who hold the Beijing work and residence permits receive equal treatment in terms of children's education, housing purchase or rental, and vehicle license plate lottery.

In 2018, Beijing will also establish and improve the judicial system and mechanisms to improve business environment. It will improve the mechanism for closing commercial cases and reduce the average trial duration to a maximum of 180 days. The reform on judicial execution will focus on the expansion of authorities to ensure full control over the assets of the liable parties who are unable to pay their judgement.

By the end of 2020, Beijing will establish a public credit information and service platform as well as an interconnected system to manage the "personal credit" project for all residents in the city. The government will also set up a credit supervision system to provide convenience and incentives for residents with high credits.

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