Integral declaration system comes into effective

2018-08-02 17:03 千龙网

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From August 1, 2018, the integral declaration of import and exports goods at the customs was officially put into effect.

The former customs clearance system and declaration for inspection and quarantine system has been integrated into one declaring system on which a company can realize one clearance after one declaration via inputting one piece of customs declaration, uploading a set of documents attached and taking a group of parameter codes, which improves further the cargo clearance speed, according to General Administration of Customs, China.

The integral declaration system is an historic and landmark reform measure of customs and inspection and quarantine works and also a move to optimize business environment and to respond to complicate foreign trade situations and serve foreign trade enterprises.

The integral declaration system can speed up cargo clearance speed and improve the enterprise’s logistic efficiency, said Luo Yanhui, a manager of an international freight forwarder company.


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