Sauna weather to continue in Beijing until Aug. 6

2018-08-02 14:41 千龙网

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On August 1, Beijing still saw sauna weather with the highest temperature of 37 degrees Celsius after a yellow alert for high temperatures was issued in the city. Though some thundershowers were seen in northern regions of the city from the afternoon to night on this day, it had little effect on improving the hot and humid weather.

According to statistics, August 1 is the 17th high temperature day in Beijing this year, which has been equal to the total number of high temperature days in 2017 and seven days less than the record number of 24 days in 2000.

The heat wave is expected to last until August 3 and the temperature will be above 34 degrees Celsius before August 6.

Owing to a cold front, Beijing will see significant rainfall on August 7, with the highest temperature dropping to about 31 degree Celsius, which will help ease the prolonged scorching weather.

The public should reduce outdoor activities and pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

Beijing Emergency Medical Center reminded that the elders aged over 65, infants and children, patients with chronic diseases and mental illnesses as well as those engaged in outdoor work and outdoor sports are all at high risk of heatstroke and they should take precautions against heatstroke.

Disease control experts suggested that air conditioners’ temperature should be set between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should be within 8 degrees Celsius.

Besides, the public were suggested to avoid the direct blowing of air conditioners’ cold air or the blowing at a certain part of body for a long time and regularly open doors and windows for fresh air.

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