Beijing continues bettering business environment

2018-07-09 17:09 千龙网

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Beijing has been bettering business environment since the implementation of a series of policies in March, 2018, which have benefited enterprises and residents.

At present, Beijing has set up district-level enterprise registration halls, cut the enterprise registration steps to two from seven and shortened the enterprise registrationtimefrom 24 days to five days, according to Lin Enquan, head of the Comprehensive Division of Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform(BMCDR).

In addition, the whole course electronization of business registration also has made progress, since Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce launcheda platform for electronic business registration in 2016.

Statistic showed that by the end of June, 2018, a total of 76,200 enterprises had submitted their applications via the electronic business registration system, 67,000 enterprises had obtained their electronic business license and the enterprises who applied on electronic business registration system had accounted for 80 percent of the total in Beijing.

Among the policies for optimizing business environment, some involve people’s daily life.

For example, the registration of real estate transfer can be done within one day and the time for examining the house purchase qualification of the city is shortened to one day. 

Those policies’ advancing and implementation have benefited enterprises and residents in many aspects so far. 

A head of BMCDR said, “Bettering business environment is a systematic project and those policies are just a beginning instead of an end.”

Now, BMCDR, together with 56 departments and units, is studying and making an action plan(2018-2020) to further optimize business environment. 


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