Beijing’s 19 district and regional taxation bureaus unveiled

2018-07-06 13:07 千龙网

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Beijing Xicheng District Tax Service, State Administration Bureau, was officially established on July 5, 2018, when the National Tax Bureau of Beijing Xicheng District merged with Beijing Xicheng District Local Taxation Bureau. On the same day, a total of Beijing’s 19 district and regional taxation bureaus unveiled.

The 19 district and area taxation bureaus include 16 namesake ones in each of Beijing’s 16 districts and three regional ones, namely, Beijing West Station regional taxation bureau, Beijing Yanshan Mountain regional taxation bureau, Beijing Economic and technological Development Area regional taxation bureau.

It is learnt that the newly build taxation bureaus will take the duties and work of the original national and local taxation bureaus.

The 12366 taxation service hotline will continue providing consulting service related to taxations, no longer distinguish national and local taxation businesses.


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