Beijing adds over 600 ha of greenery in H1, 2018

2018-07-05 10:34

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Beijing has completed the renovation of 571 old vegetable stands and convenience stores and tore down 832.7 hectares of illegal buildings, adding more than 600 hectares of greenery in the first half of 2018, said an official from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform during an interview on July 2.

From January to May, the city has improved 78 logistic centers – an increase of 23 from the previous year. A total of 346 manufacturing firms have been shut down or relocated to tackle pollution.

The reconstruction of streets and lanes in Beijing is currently in process. A total of 23 overhead lines with a length of 22.9 kilometers are already under construction. Beijing has also ramped up efforts to revamp the so-called hole-in-the-wall structures in the alleys to protect and improve the old neighborhoods.

In an effort to better satisfy the needs of the public, the city announced that the work will continue this year with plans to renovate 1,400 convenience stores and 1,141 backstreets, with an aim to preserve the hutongs' historical and cultural characteristics.

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